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The Affiliates of EMC


EMC's Affiliate program is intended to facilitate the development of individuals and groups who present programs of early music.


The applicant for affiliate status must be an individual or organization that shares the aims of EMC. Minimally, this implies a commitment to an historically-informed approach. The applicant must have a clear, demonstrated capacity to perform at a level of high professional quality, evidenced preferably by the track record of the organization or of the individual participants.

Benefits of Affiliate Status

  • use EMC's tax-exempt status to facilitate the solicitation of public grants and private donations
  • maintain presence on and linkage from EMC's web site
  • use EMC's non-profit bulk mailing permit
  • use EMC's mailing list (at cost - $15)
  • EMC will send out a What's Happening this Week notice each week where your event will be listed
  • EMC also will offer our online ticket 4/ices through PayPal.
  • place advertising inserts in EMC's newsletter (at cost - $15)
  • receive assistance in selecting dates and times for performances and other events in order to avoid conflicts with previously scheduled events
  • receive an invitation to EMC's annual Roundtable event

Obligations of Affiliate

  • Affiliates should m—aintain an active membership at the Affiliate level, with EMC
  • keep EMC advised about events and concert dates for the online calendar, in a timely fashion
  • EMC would require that Affiliates include their official logo(which will be provided), in your marketing efforts — both electronic and paper.
  • EMC would expect that as an Affiliate, you would offer an EMC member ticket discount to your concerts and events, as their reward for supporting early music in Colorado. Typically, this would be $2 a ticket.

Application Procedures

Applicants should contact the President of EMC providing, among other things, details of the performer or group and relevant previous performances. Supporting materials might include an audio or video recording, a notice of an upcoming event or performance, reviews, and an invitation to a rehearsal. Any materials should be mailed to EMC. The board of directors will review the applicant's qualifications and contact the applicant as soon as possible. Following approval, affiliate status will become effective upon receipt of the appropriate Affiliate membership fee.

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