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Early Music Colorado is a nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting members of the early music community, both performers and concert-goers, in Colorado by maintaining a web site of events, teachers and other resources. We also provide assistance in coordinating concert schedules and host a roundtable once a year to develop new ideas and ways to bring music before 1850 to the concert-going public in new and exciting ways.

To join, please send an e-mail to membership@earlymusiccolorado.org.

The generous support of our members allows us to bring touring performers to the Front Range, often at short notice. We have been able to showcase the Texas group Istanpitta, Paris-based harpsichordist Jory Vinikour, London gamba virtuoso Alison Crum, England's Rose Consort of Viols, and internationally known duo Asteria. This is a tremendous achievement for an organization that relies on an all-volunteer staff and individual membership support. Won't you consider joining us to show your support for the arts and help us continue our work to bring Early Music education and performances to our community? No other arts organization in Colorado focuses on early music performance and educational experiences. And, no other arts organization does so much with so little! Our all-volunteer staff sees that every dollar directly benefits our community through our artistic and cultural programs.


  • Weekly update of events
  • Concert calendar
  • EMC website
  • EMC newsletter
  • Information about performers, teachers, etc.
  • A members' discount to some recitals and concerts

Becoming a Member

There are a number of membership levels available renewable at the end of each 12 month period.

    Individual - $30
    Household - $50
    Senior/Student - $20
    Performer(s)/Group - $50
    Supporting Member - $100
    Patron - $500

Join EMC or renew your membership online. Please consider making as additional contribution to EMC


Early Music Colorado is a 501(c)3 organization. Your donation is entirely tax deductible.

Report website problems: webmaster@earlymusiccolorado.org